Ars Linguarum offers an extensive range of programs for students who wish to improve their foreign language skills for personal or professional reasons. Before the student’s enrollment in a specific course or program, the center will require the student to take a placement test consisting of both writing and speaking tests. This will enable the center to accurately determine the student’s proficiency level and place him in a program or course that properly reflects this level. The center offers four types of programs to learn the language of your choice.

Individual Language Training

One-on-one language training is offered to those individuals whose schedule does not permit attendance in any of the center’s pre-scheduled group language training courses and immersion courses. This program is ideal for those with busy work and study hours, or those who prefer a more intensive course that is specifically designed for their needs. The lessons can be scheduled any day of the week, even during the weekends.

Private Language Training

If you are planning to learn a new language with a friend, a colleague, a family member, or with your partner a private language training course is the right program for you. This program is designed specifically to address your shared needs, schedule, and objectives. You and your companion can schedule the lessons any day of the week, including the weekends.

Group Language Training

Group language training courses provide the perfect opportunity to meet new friends and learning a new language in a fun and dynamic environment. The lessons focus on arming the students with vocabulary and language skills that they can use in everyday conversations, business discussions, or more specialized situations. The center provides language courses for all proficiency levels.

Immersion Courses

Immersion courses enable you to practice a foreign language with native speakers at a specifically customized pace and time. These courses are designed to help students improve their ability to express themselves with a greater degree of fluency and ease. Immersions courses are intensive and require daily attendance. You can choose a schedule that works for you - morning, afternoons, or early evenings.