Many people believe that it is impossible to acquire a new language once they reach a certain age. This is simply not true. While it may not be as easy, anyone can learn a new language at with patience and the right mindset. You should not let your age deter you from learning and improving. There are numerous reasons to learn a new language. Here are our top three.

Be Smarter

The process of learning a new language boosts your brain power. According to scientific research, people who spoke more than one language are more focused, better at math, vocabulary, and reading. They also tend to be faster at solving cognitive problems. More importantly, studying another language helps in improving one’s memory and in reducing the rate of cognitive decline. Learning a new language also helps you appreciate your native language more, as you begin to the see the differences in structure and grammar between two languages.


Build New Connections

Traveling the world is more meaningful when your experience is enriched by the ability to assimilate the culture better. Knowing how to speak the language of the place you are in means that you get the experience their culture more profoundly. It lets the locals know that you respect their culture when you take the time to learn and communicate in their tongue. Learning a new language also makes traveling easier. If you are on an Amsterdam holiday, for example, knowing the language ensures that you will never get lost during the trip. You can also take advantage of special discounts that you would otherwise not have known about.

Expand Career Opportunities

Some career opportunities require fluency in a second language. While you certainly have the option to apply to other jobs that do not have this requirement, being fluent in another language gives you a competitive edge when you are job hunting. Remember that the world is quickly evolving and more and more companies are expanding their operations overseas. This kind of expansion involves hiring workers who can speak at least one other language. Being able to speak another language opens doors that are not limited by your geographical location.